Monday, January 14, 2008

Theme Music....

Music is so important. I am blessed to have music in my head. This "theme music" as I tend to think of it is one of the things that keeps me sane.

I can't sing a note, not with a gun to my head and my life on the line; but that's okay. Why is that okay you ask? That's okay because I don't need to be able to sing because I am blessed to have Jill Scott singing my own personal theme song "Living My Life Like Its Golden" in my head anytime I find myself needing that little extra push to accomplish some goal I have set for myself.

Yeah, my girl Jill follows me any and everywhere and sings her heart out on my behalf because she knows that she helps me to be the best me I can possibly be. Jill knows that by constantly reminding me that my life is golden, I will do all in my power to live the shiniest golden life I can possibly live.

No doubt, I appreciate Jill and all she does for me and I will be forever grateful to her for it. But lately....

Two other musical geniuses have been horning in on Jill's turf.

One is Cassandra Wilson and the other is Me'shell N'degeocello.

Though Jill is without question my girl and definitely has the market cornered when it comes to providing my overall life's theme music, these other two sistas have carved out a theme music provider niche all their own. I find that whenever I start to hear two songs performed by these particular sistas in my head, things on the romantic front are bound to take a turn for the better very soon thereafter!

Since I first saw what has perhaps become my all-time favorite romantic movie LOVE JONES, for which these two phenomenal artists performed the songs in question You Move Me and Rush Over respectively on the soundtrack, these songs have become what I consider to be my romantic theme music. Now as it happens, I find that if I hear these two songs consistently at unexpected times and not as a result of my having taken any action resulting in my hearing these songs, shortly thereafter I seem to become involved in a new romance. As neither of these songs were mainstream radio songs, hearing them multiple times means something to me. Call me superstitious if you want, but all I have to say is that this has been my experience and recently I've been hearing my romantic theme music again and all I can say is play on, play on!!!

P.S. - In the event that you are right and I am wrong and all of this is just wishful thinking so to speak, the silver lining is this:

These are two bad azz songs so even if they don't herald a new romance for a sista, at least I get to feel the jubilance that comes with anticipating something wonderful happening to me AND even if the romance doesn't show up, I once again get to hear two of the sexiest and most poetic songs ever to be recorded so I STILL WIN!!!!

YOU MOVE ME by Cassandra Wilson

Rememberin' moments, so precious and real

The thought of you, kissing me there

You know my secrets

You know the curve and the line

One touch, and I know you are mine

Rain falls down on me I can hardly see,

for the water in my eyes

Love comes down on me I can hardly breathe,

for the trembling in my thighs

You move me

RUSH OVER by Me'shell N'degeocello
your music is so very beautiful
i want to feel you creep inside me
the warmth of a Kiss beneath my berry skin
i want to experience the taste of dark berry nectar the seed of life heaven everlasting
the phone just won't suffice no more
my imagination is filled and my cup runneth over
if you feel the same for me
yeah the way i feel for you
i'll rush over
there's no need no to be alone
my want for you is rushing over

patiently i wait for an invitation
i often try to imagine picture you
for you're no more than a voice on my telephone
that i find myself rushing home to
your voice makes me wanna do things i'm much too shy to say
you leave me to question
if you feel the same for me
the way i feel for you
i'll rush over
tell me there's no reason to be alone
my want for you is rushing over
won't you play for me?
if you feel the same for me
the way i feel for you
i'll rush over
there's no reason to be alone
my want for you is rushing over
my sweet marcus won't you play for me?
i'm rushing over.
What songs make up your personal theme music?


Fergie said...

Hey There,
WOW. I got a lot of catching up to do.

K.O. Johnson said...

Hey Ms. Sharon, Happy New Year!!! While you're on the Love Jones collection, don't sleep on the #1
Baby Making slow jam. Maxwell's slow version of "Sumthin Sumthin Mellowsmooth." Swing back Clint Eastwood's Bridges of Madison County, a movie in which the songs AND the score are incredible. Go back in time and listen to "The Makings of You" from the movie, Claudine. Whether you go back in time or check out last year's movie version, Dreamgirls offers a beautiful testiment to love with "When I First Saw You."

I gotta stop now cause I'm damn near breaking out... in a .... c-o-o-o-l-d sweat!!!! Yeeeowww!