Thursday, April 24, 2008

Twins Re-Connected By Blog ;)

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Mirror Re-Image by Sharon J. for Lovebabz

At the core of you I recognized me
Significant and glorious and fully the “I”, I strive to be
Choosing love over all else especially fear
Your voice speaks the words my brain whispers in my ear.

Your smile reflects the joy of the life I’ve been gifted
Your heart plays the rhythms on which my spirit is lifted
From your words I gather nourishment again and again
So similar are parts of our journeys, I call you my Twin.

My sibling unmet, unseen, technically unheard
We’re related by blog, by hearts, and by words
Come hell or high water I know you are there
Strengthening me, steadying me, with your soul--so rare.

Geography notwithstanding we’re connected, you and I
Not born of the same parents, the laws of genetics we defy
More alike than different yet different all the same
Lovebabz you amaze me, and thus I speak your name.

I speak it when lonely, feeling lost, or afraid
I speak it when at last into night the day fades
I speak it in exclamation when so filled with happiness I nearly burst
I speak your name because you felt all of these things first.

“How can this be?”, when I’m the older I believe
Your wisdom predates your birth and from GOD it was received
You bring knowledge from the ancestors which you generously share
Teaching us all about love and not being afraid to show we care.

You are fearless about love and your message is heard
It fortifies us and encourages us to spread the good word
Until from my lips to his ears and so on from there
This wonderful chorus becomes a new prayer.

A prayer that is being answered in you and in me
A prayer that is being realized in everything that we see
In our children, our friends, and all the loves of our lives
A prayer that began with you and now lives and now thrives.

Changing the unchangeable is what you do so well
Each and every one of us benefits from the truths that you tell
New understandings help us all to grow [as you say] in love
And though this is your birthday WE received in YOU, a special gift from above.

At the core of you I recognized me
Significant and glorious and fully the “I”, I strive to be!

© Sharon J. All Rights Reserved 2008

Forget everything else I’ve ever said, “I wanna be YOU when I grow up!


LadyLee said...


Lovebabz said...

Sharon, Sharon, Sharon, Sharon, Sharon, Sharon.

I will be back after I compose myself. I can't breathe, or speak.

Boondocks Riley said...

For real though, man, that was gay.

Rich said...

One, two, three -- awwwwwww

That was sweet and Riley is right.

Lovebabz said...

Boondocks Riley and Rich,


Rich said...

I enjoyed it, but why y’all trying to put the pressure on. You know artists like to be on top. This birthday thing is going to turn into one big contest.

Which reminds me of the following:

“I can’t compete with that pretty boy. He’s getting all the girls”

“Who Flash?”

“Whose name do you hear them calling? Flash, Flash!”

“Aw man, that’s just because he just sang lead. If you want the girls you need to step your game up. You still doing that I’m JT of the Five Heartbeats stuff you were doing six years ago. It’s not on Flash, it’s on you.”

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

Sharon, you know I love you. No ifs and or buts. We dont leave each other guessing. But since this is about Babz, I have to say, she is so frikin awesome! I LOVE HER! On a seperate note, as a guy reading this, I keep thinking of that song by Prince, If I was Your Girlfriend.

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

CapCity said...


yea, this blog-phenom has been a blessing...

@Zay - I LOVE that song - one of my FAVORITE prince songs!

@Sharon - i think we need a blog-Divas retreat to P.R. once my finances stabilize! ;-)

Mizrepresent said...

Sharon, that was so lovely...and as long as i have known you (which has been short in actual time, but feels a whole lot longer) and reading both your blog and Lovebabz, i know that the words you speak are true and from the was so unbelievably beautiful, what a gift lady. I feel gifted just reading it!

Hey Sharon...i'm with needs a retreat too!

MysTery said...


Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

That was a great tribute to give someone for their birthday....very sweet....thoughtful...and real!