Thursday, April 03, 2008

Let's Just Say That This Just Happens To Be Where My Head Is At Today....

This is a little something I wrote recently about no one in particular and every man I've ever loved or wanted to love in general...

Here's a little theme music to go along with it...make it go down nice and easy for you :) Y'all know I be feeling me some Jilly from Philly!


Never thought I could miss you in your presence.
I know now I can.
With your arrival comes the painful anticipation of your departure.
While in your company the loneliness of your inevitable absence is acute.
When you’ve gone, the happy expectation of our next encounter swells inside me;
even though it is in your presence that I feel the most alone.

"Wo-MAN UP!" I tell myself, as your presence is what I crave.
I only pray I can.
"Live for the here and now and let the future handle itself",
I advise me.
"Live, laugh, and love my time with you,"
I tell me "and relish each second together".
"Live each moment as if it were my last with you,"
I say, "without looking for tomorrows".
Even though it is in your presence that I feel the most alone.

So that’s just what I do, I celebrate being in your presence.
I simply do what I can.
I smile, laugh, chat, debate, and reach out and touch you often.
I savor you, your intelligence, your energy, the raw masculinity of you.
I convince myself that you are here to stay and in that moment I actually believe me.
Even though it is in your presence that I feel the most alone.

Can you make it go away?

© Sharon J. All Rights Reserved 2008


Anali said...

Wonderful poem Sharon! And I love Jill Scott. Great idea to put the two together. : )

Lovebabz said...


You craft poems so beautifully. I have decided that I do not want to be alone in someone's presence. I have decided that they have to want to be connected to me as I to them otherwise we are wasting our time. I want more than a few stolen moments and then puff all done, all gone until next time.(sigh)

OK thanks for the session, I am getting up off the couch now---I will be back! LOL!

Sharon said...

@ Anali: Thank you for the compliment and coming from you, it is indeed a huge one. Yeah, I agree that Jill Scott goes very well with this one ;)

@ Lovebabz: To have a poetry connoisseur such as yourself say that I craft poems beautifully is a compliment of the highest order! Thank you Twin ;)

Though I feel you on not being alone in the presence of someone else, I will comment more fully later as I want to facilitate more people reading and giving their comments on this before diluting it with further commentary from me.

As always, thanx sis for visiting me here!

LadyLee said...

"Even though it is in your presence that I feel the most alone."

Whoa. Wow. That line repeated like that... Whoa.

(Oh yeah, and I do like the poem:)

*infinite finger snaps*

Mizrepresent said...

Beautiful poem Sharon and i do feel you on those sentiments, so much so, sounds alot like my past, but it ain't happening in my future!

Anonymous said...

mmmm...letting that one melt in my mind.

Shai said...

Whew! Whoa! I feel ya. Beautiful work. Jill gets ya going. I think I have to plan a poetry fest for me one Friday/Saturday. I used to that by reading my work or others,listening to music and eating/drinking. A chill nite with a flow. I miss those nites. LOL.

Rich said...

Is it that you feel alone because you are too frightened to let yourself go and live in that moment, indulge your senses and your being in all that is in his presence? Or is this one of those can't live with you, can't live without you deals.

I didn't listen to Jill, so I have no hints.