Saturday, March 29, 2008

With 206 bones in the human body, sooner or later I was bound to damage one; wasn't I??

To put it mildly, it's been a rough week. Plain and simply y'all, a sista is tired, tired, tired. It's all good though 'cuz I've been here before and I know that this too shall pass. Here's the quick recap just to bring y'all up to date on ya gurl...

Left The Lou last Friday afternoon and headed to Nebraska to spend Easter with my BFF and her family. Putting the petal to the metal, I turned what highway laws intended to be a nine hour trip into a seven and a half hour adventure, arriving at my gurl's spot a little before midnight. After sitting up catching up with her until 2am, I went to bed and got up and commenced to spend the day shopping for clothing and all of the necessary groceries required to prepare the Easter Feast she and I planned. On a happy note, I found all kinds of deals on clothing as she lives in a very small, basically rural community in central Nebraska and thankfully since farmers don't have a lot of use for designer duds, all manner of gorgeous articles of clothing found their way to the not 50%, not 75%, BUT 85% off rack!!! Glory be y'all, Ms. Just Write Now was fixta be stylin and profilin' but I digress.

After spending the day shopping, the BFF and I began the preparations for the Easter Feast and as she was preparing more dishes than I, I volunteered to clean her new hardwood floors throughout the house for our Easter celebration as the workmen who were doing the remodel on her kitchen and deck had tracked it horribly with their boots. To put the size and scope of this job into perspective, I'll simply say this, her house is two stories and contains over 6500 square footage of living space and the entire first floor with the exception of a small office and her bedroom had been converted to hard wood flooring in the remodel. Suffice it to say that when I was done, I knew for sure I had done some work! But it's all good, that's how she and I do, and believe me you when I say she has gone so far beyond that floor for me til it ain't even funny. Once again, for the second consecutive night, I hit the bed about 2am.

Sunday dawned and we finished the dinner preparations and entertained 11 for a scrumptious dinner. Following the massive clean-up, I was so tired I simply wanted to find a bed and fall in but as our 18 year old sons were both out and she had to work the next morning, I agreed to be the one to wait up for them to make sure they arrived home safely. Once again, bedtime for me wasn't until 2am.

Monday morning I got up around 8am and prepared for the return drive home. Making the trip in about 8 hours, I went to bed to prepare to drive Ryan to visit the last of the colleges he is considering attending next year. After a 2 hour drive there, we spent the day touring the campus, (walking), visiting professors and departments (more walking), and hanging out with football players and coaches (still more walking), all of which I did in boots with 3 inch heels. Ryan loved the school and the people and it is most likely where he will be going next year. Another 2 hour trip brought me back home where I was thrilled to find the mountain of work that had accumulated since my last day at work the previous Friday. I also had to prepare for my boss who was scheduled to work with me again on Thursday after having been in town to work with me only a week before on the previous Wednesday.

Before I could dig into the work however, my mother phoned to tell me one of my favorite aunts was in the hospital and had been hooked to a ventilator as she was unable to breathe for herself. Of course I immediately went to the hospital to interpret for my family and to see about my aunt first hand. She was in pretty bad shape as she was unable to communicate and was also on a feeding tube in addition to the ventilator. I had the unpleasant task of explaining to those in the decision-making positions what her options were and what my aunt's apparent prognosis was and at that point; it wasn't very good. Remaining at the hospital until 11:30pm or so, I finally went home and returned again on Wednesday night as well.

On a bright note, I also attended the Jill Scott concert with my pregnant girlfriend and her husband who promptly got into a fight (the husband) with a random guy because he says the guy bumped/hit their car with his body (not another car mind you). Keep in mind that it was raining cats and dogs in The Lou that night and as I watched from the warm, dryness of my own car, I assure you I had absolutely no intentions of getting out. That is until my knuckle-headed, pregnant girlfriend jumps out of their car and tries to break up the fight. Instinct took over for me as I feared she or their unborn baby might be hurt and jumped out of my car to help break these fools apart. After getting my friend's husband back into their car with some not so nice words of encouragement and a good, old-fashioned, round-the-way gurl push, we finally parked and went into the concert for which we were 30 minutes late. That's alright tho y'all cause Ms. Jilly most certainly did NOT disappoint a sistah! SHE BLEW IT UP!!!

Thursday comes and I work with the boss again, do hospital duty with the aunt who is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH improved though still on the ventilator which is now doing only 40% of the breathing for her, and then at long last, I go to bed early.

Waking refreshed on Friday morning, who knew that in just seven short hours, I would be on my way to the local ER having stubbed the third toe of my right foot on the suitcase sitting on my bedroom floor that I had yet to unpack from last weekend's trip to Nebraska. X-rays showed a spiral fracture at the point the arrow is pointing to in the picture at the beginning of this post. Once again, my tendency to procrastinate about doing things I know I should do immediately has been my undoing. Ryan's Mom Prom is next Friday night, and I bought the cutest dress for it just yesterday. It is short, and the look of my foot in this oh so attractive fracture boot is not quite the fashion statement I had planned to make. Additionally, Ryan and I had planned to put every other mother-son combination to shame on the dance floor at this event we have been looking forward to for four long years.

Oh well, no use crying at this point as I know that it will all work out because everything always does. HOWEVER, I'll say it again y'all, this sistah here is tired, tired, tired...I'm going to go to bed now ;b


CapCity said...

U NEVAH DISAPPOINT to CRACK a sistah UP!! U know we were missing U here in blog-land. Glad to hear U had a BLAST!! Maybe I shouldn't say it - but de Lawd tryin' to remind u to get off your feets & slow down a minute:-). THIS has to be the funniest thing I've read in awhile. I'll be prayin' for u in choich! Gimme a holla when u wake up;-).

Rich said...

You crossed my mind the other day as I wondered, "I haven't seen or heard from Sharon in a while, I wonder how she's doing." Now I know. I'm surprised you are still standing after all that activity, you are one tough trooper. I was at the Jilly from Philly concert as well, mind you I was suffering from acute food poisoning, but I wasn't going to miss that sold out event. By the way, Rahim Devine did a great job as well.

I'm sure you and your son will have a blast. Just do the Claire Huxtable and get yourself a fly cane and decorate your boot. Don't stay out too late, cause you know you are due to fly out for DC the following morning. How you keep this pace is beyond me, but when I see you, I'm going to have some of what you've been taking.

Lovebabz said...

YIKES! I am exhausted just following along! Get some rest. Take Care. Get some REST!

And THANKS a million times over for that lovely post! ee.cummings ROCKS!

Lance said...

i ain't gon lie. i just knew you were gonna say "After sitting up catching up with her until 2am"...

"i stump'd damn TOE against the bedpost!" (;-P

that's where i thought this wuz going, but i read on....nice post.

next time, let your preggo girlfriend/boyfriend get his ass whupped for being stoopid. then laff at his punk-ass AFTER he takes you

by the way, what is BFF...boy fuckin' friend?...naw, that can't be it cause you were going to her house later...

hmmm, yeah gurl...slow yo' roll. let 'em come to yo rescue now, but go to the prom anyway. even if you just can "bop" yo head to the beat, better than sitting at home wonderin' what if?

carpe diem!

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

Baby I am so sorry. I guess a foot massage is out of the question? Oh well, what about the good foot? I'll check in on you after school tonight. XOX

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

PS: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). I am PASSIONATE about this issue and I’m determined to do my part to help educate as many people as possible. Please join me in spreading the word. Sexual violence must stop

Sharon said...

To all,

Thanks for the well wishes and the great advice and believe me when I say a sistah is definitely planning to take things a little easier for a minute.

@ Cap: I'll give you a call sometime on Tuesday ;)

@ Babz: Yes Ma'am I fully recognize the message!

@ Mega: Thanx for the Clair Huxtable advice, I'd forgotten all about my gurl's foot but I'ma havta find that old episode and do a little life duplicating art up in herre!

@ Lance: Still in sync with a sistah I see ;) Don't worry, the next time I will let my gurl's husband get his AZZ kicked if it comes to that again! BTW, a BFF is a best friend forever...and last but not least, I most certainly intend to find my own brand of CARPE DIEM and do what I do!!

@ Zay: Thanx for the concern Sweetie and one thing is for sure with this here sistah and that is that a foot massage is nevah but nevah out of the question! One would just need to be very, very gentle with one little piggy ;)

Lance said...

BFF: best friend forever....

ohhhhh, my igg'nant ass don't kno' no bad ;-(

LadyLee said...

Goodness gracious alive, Oldgirl... I got tired just READING that. Wish I had the stamina you have! Working hard and beating down folks! OH MY!

Make sure you get some rest, and rest that foot! Get well soon! And hope all continues to go wellwith your aunt.

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