Monday, March 03, 2008

I Was A Poem

I was a poem once.
I was the memory of Christmases past.
I was the feeling of anticipation of the last day of school.
I was the joy of summertime, hide and seek, red rovers, and tag.
I was his childhood.

I was a poem once.
I was the aroma of bacon on Sunday mornings.
I was the comfort of hugs, kisses, and talk of “when I grow up”.
I was the feeling of being tucked in tight preventing bed bug bites.
I was his security.

I was a poem once.
I was a cross my heart, hope to die, needle in eye girl.
I was a pinky swear, blood brothers, “you my dawg” ace in the hole.
I was “the only one who ever really knew me at all”, all the way down sistah.
I was his confidante.

I was a poem once.
I was a safe harbor in rough waters.
I was shelter from the cold, harsh reality of life’s storms.
I was nourishment, blazing fireplaces, and a shoulder to lean on.
I was his home.

I was a poem once.
I was the vision of breeze bent palm trees.
I was the scent of pineapples and pure cane sugar traveling on the wind.
I was the sound of ocean waves lapping the shore on a brilliant sunny day.
I was his vacation.

I was a poem once.
I was the alpha AND I was the omega of love.
I was the yin to the yang that was he, forever.
I was “the one” without whom the continuation of breathing made no sense.
I was all that and a bag of chips; the good kind,
the make you lick your fingers kind.
I was his life.

I was a poem once.
One day I’ll be a poem again.

© Sharon J. All Rights Reserved 2008


Lance said...


i like the flow of that sharon...i immediately felt like i was in a speakeasy lounge in the city.

great work!

LadyLee said...

I really loved this poem, as it took me back to yesteryear. But the last line of each stanza is truly powerful, each line standing alone all on it's on. And then you end it with a good dose of faith. I likes, I likes!

(What are you doing, man? Writig a poem a week? WOW.)

lea78 said...

Ooh Hi Lance, thanks for the drink. Hope u can come back to the Lou again. Now to the real reason of this comment, girl that was the bomb as women we never realize how we are all of that to our men until it is over. Girl that was super super good. I love your writing style.

DJ Diva said...

Awesome. I like being a poem too.

Lovebabz said...

Yes indeed. Lovely.

Mizrepresent said...

Oh Sharon, i love this so much! I want to be that poem again too! You captured so many emotions, experiences, memories...i was like yeah, that's me...thanks for sharing...mad skillz lady!

Rose said...

This was unique and very nice.

CapCity said...

GURL, u know u STILL IZ a Poem;-)!! Luv it!

Anonymous said...

Wow Ma, this was so well done. Very creative. It's a piece that sings to the mind and the heart and is full of hope.

Very nice.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

The most beautiful words babygurl ;-)

Rich said...

That made me prop back on the pillow, sip on my cool drink and smile.

Now let me get up from here and kiss my poem.

That was delish!

Sharon said...

At all: I'm so glad you all were feeling this because it was a surprise to me. When I started it, it was because I was in a very melancholy mood and actually feeling kind of lonely. I originally thought it was going to end with something such as,

"How/When was it that I stopped being a poem?"

However, what I found was that writing this actually made me see myself for what I am, one hell of a woman who any decent, real brother would love to have in his corner. So instead of a song of lament and longing, this became a declaration of hope which banished my melancholy, lonely mood to the four winds and left me where I most like to be: anticipating my glorious future! :-)

@ rich: I believe that this is one of the all-time best reviews one of my poems has ever received! Thank you for scribing it, and I hope your poem realizes what a lucky poem she is!