Friday, February 29, 2008

Life As Defined By Poetry And Math

The New Obama Video by Will.I.Am.

Originally this video was not a part of this post. It was added as an afterthought because upon stumbling across it out here in the world wide web I love so much, I felt it also represents another aspect of the poetry that is life for me right now so I decided to do an uprecedented thing and add it into an existing blog post. I hope you liked it.

Those who know me well know that I am a lover of all things beautiful. Not just beauty in the physical sense of the word, though I admire physical beauty as well. However, right now, I'm thinking of beauty along more poetic lines.

I love the beauty of family relationships. I love knowing that even when feeling isolated and alone, I only have to reach out to my family and some or even all of them will be at my side surrounding me with love and happiness in an instant. This kind of love and assurance makes life poetic in my opinion.

I love the beauty of my friendships. I love having been born into a wonderful family that is enhanced, extended, and diversified by the amazingly wonderful people that GOD chooses to pass through my life as friends. Some were sent to me very early on and have stayed with me from that time to this. Some have only recently shown up on the scene, but fit like a pair of jeans I've worn since high school (that is, assuming I could fit any pair of jeans I owned in high school still ;-) ....soon, baby soon!). And there are even those who show up just to fulfill a specific role and then pass on through never to be heard from or seen again; and never to be forgotten. Regardless of when they show up or how long they stay, my friends bring music, light, and poetry to my life that fills me with wonder and amazement even in my darkest hours. Once again, an example of life's majestic poetry.

I love being in love with black men. I love so many things about being in love with black men I don't even know where to begin. I love the way they have of putting their hand in the small of my back and leading me oh so gently into a room. I love the deep resonance of the black man's voice, even those who are tenors. I love the feel of their breath on my neck as they stand behind me in their attempt to support me and keep me strong. I love that when I find one that wants to be there for me, he is SO THERE that it is impossible for me to feel afraid of anything. I love the way black men call me "Baby"...HAVE MERCY! Okay, this is only one point of this post so I'll stop here, but make no mistake about it, I LOVE BLACK MEN...I DO, I DO, I DO, DO , DO! By my standards, black men are definitely living poetry.

I love so many things of beauty, but when I stop to think about it, I think I may love the beauty of words the most. I guess you could say that words to me are one of life's most precious gifts.

I love words because they have the power to do anything. Words are the true SUPER HEROES of my world as they are able not only to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but they can bring smiles, cause laughter, elicit tears, and even save lives; on the other hand, words have the power to destroy. WORDS CAN DO ANYTHING MY HEART DESIRES THEM TO DO! Words provide each and every one of us with the power to be anything and anyone we choose to be, if we follow just one simple rule. We must understand that words are powerful and once spoken, they have the power to change everything so we must be ever-vigilant that the words we speak are spoken ALWAYS in love so as not to bring about destruction and devastation; because once spoken, no matter what, words cannot be taken back no matter how much one might wish they could be.

I love words because they are able to be used by anyone...THEY are the great equalizer. Whether used to relay stories of truth or fiction, fact or fantasy, prose or poetry, words can be used in some amazing way by anyone willing to take the time to use them. That being said, I am only recently discovering that my favorite way to use and to see words be used is in the poetic sense. I've been blessed in the last month to meet through this amazing world of blogging some of the most wonderful wordsmiths I've ever come across. I'm feeling kind of lazy right now so I did not create the links, but if you love words like I love words, then you should do yourself a favor and click the following links in my blogroll to the left:

  • Bloggers' Delight To Write - You will find amazing poetry from various blogger/poets.
  • Sojourner G - You will find beautiful, lyrical poetry, most with a connection to scripture.
  • DUETS - You will find poetic collaborations created by various blogger/poets who have brought together their beautifully, poetic minds.
  • Lovebabz - You will find stories about real life told with amazing candor and honesty with the clarity of the most expensive crystal; each supported by poetry from some of the most amazing poets on the planet.
  • Ali's Zay - You will find not only amazing poetry here, but some of the most evocative photography I've ever seen along with an amazing story of one black man's ongoing, all-consuming passion for his beautiful, black woman.

Yes, without question, poetry is my favorite life form if indeed what I believe to be true is true: Words are life, and life is poetry. I know for many, poetry is viewed as bourgois, elitest, and just plain old boring. However, the world has changed and poetry is changing right along with it. From Edgar Allen Poe's Raven and Annabelle Lee to Maya Angelou's Phenomenal Woman to Ms. Just Write Now's The One...A History of Black Women, (I always wanted to see my name and the title of one of my own poetic creations listed next to these individuals who are both two of my all time favorite poets...see how words work ;-) there is something in the world of poetry for everyone. The only thing required to find the poetry that fits you, is to go and try some on!

So in closing, I want to leave you all with a little algebra because though not necessarily explicitly poetic in and of themselves, mathematical equations have the uncanny ability to define life in its simplest form and as many of you already know, simplicity is poetic. Y'all remember the transitive property don't y'all...IF [a] IS EQUAL TO [b], AND [b] IS EQUAL TO [c], THEN [a] IS EQUAL TO [c]...

LIFE[a] IS[=] POETRY[b].



Words are gifts y'all, give generously!!

(Don't thank me, the math lesson is on me ! ;-)


Anonymous said...

It is posts like these that remind me to sometimes get off the speeding train of day to day life and at least mentally, walk around in a park on a warm spring day.

To often we are in to much of a hurry and are to distracted to even recognize, let alone experience the plethora of blessings that are literally lying around.

Thanks, not for the math lesson, but the brief mental vacation. I needed that.

And thanks also for the shout out. This new reason/season relationship has already borne Duet fruit.

Shai said...

Sharon I thought about my poem X-factor. Check it out on my blog.

LadyLee said...

Yeah... this is one of those posts where you standing on stage with the microphone, and making it do what it do.

I'm not a big poetry fan, but you have me reading yours.

and over,
and over.

I see something different each and everytime. Yep, you are quite the poetess. And that's a good thing!

Mizrepresent said...

Sharon, just wonderful...Soj G said it perfectly...reading this felt like sitting on a bench, on a spring day, watching the kiddies play....God, i love what you said about loving Black Men...and when they say "Baby"...gurl, i just melt...and loving words...we are so right here together on this one...i love to read words, to write words, and feel words....words are so very powerful, and so healing...Bravo Sis! Me loves your Post!

Lovebabz said...

Sister Sharon,

We are so Sisters in every way. I am so amazed that you even notice me and my day-to-day struggles to stay above ground. I too am a lover of poetry and wordsmithing. It has saved my life on more occassions than I care to speak on.

Words heal, mend, repair and bond.

Thank you for paying any attention to me and my passions.

I love you...dearly.

Lovebabz said...

Here is the major book I usedfor the month of Febuary, "A Rock Against The Wind" it is one of my ulitimate favorites

CapCity said...

U r Da Truff, My Dear Sistah Sharon! U have been brought into my life like that new-Spring Breeze that makes u lift your face in a smile remembering how Good GOD IZ!