Sunday, June 24, 2007

Where Is Sharon, Where Is Sharon? There She Is, There She Is....

Since 2007 began, I have traveled to Dallas (twice), Chicago (twice), Ohio (three times), Omaha (0nce), Wichita (once), Puerto Rico (once), and Newark/New York (once). The fact of the matter is that I am a wanderlust. I love to go, to see new things, to meet new people.

While in Dallas, I visited with family [shout-outs to Junior, Diane, and Jodie], and tried to get a face to face meeting with one of the smartest bloggers I read DP of "Parrish, The Thoughts" and his fiancee Diva E which unfortunately was not to be.

In Chicago, I laid my head at one of my favorite hotels, The Intercontinental and had my first experience with a Hard Rock Hotel [which I found to be fun and a bit off the beaten trail as hotels go]. While there I also finally got to experience the stage production "WICKED" which I had been trying to catch for the last couple of years. I highly recommend it [even if like me you were unable to get into the book] especially if you, like me, are a lifelong fan of "The Wizard of Oz". It is a prequel that is as far away as you can get from what I would have imagined the backstory to be.

In Ohio [Columbus and Springfield], I spent time with the PO. Some of that time was quite difficult as we navigated some of those relationship moments that make you wonder if GOD's plan for two-by-two is way off the mark. Some of that time was representative of the most peaceful and contented moments I have ever spent on this planet and made Ms. Just Write Now feel as JUST RIGHT as she is ever likely to feel. All of that time was invaluable in bringing me ever more closely to absolute certainty that the PO is the one for me.

My jaunt to Omaha was all about the business of business. A quick meeting with my boss that solidified what I already knew, Ms. Just Write Now has hit her stride on the corporate track and things in that area are going along according to plan.

Wichita and Puerto Rico were both the result of the second gig I have taken on this year to earn some extra cash on the side so I can get myself more quickly to the Nirvana of good credit and solid financial footing that one of my favorite bloggers [Chele] spoke about in this recent post, "Reflections" on her site. Blessed by a good friend [that would be you Lacey] who referred me to this opportunity, I have been too busy to blog because of the impact of this gig on my personal time. Though I am a woman who works for a living and enjoys her job, I am not a woman who would work if she did not have to. I assure you that I could make my life even more meaningful and fulfilling if I did not have to punch a clock. However, if one must work or heaven forbid take on a side gig to get the things done that have to be done, this is the way to do it! I get to meet new peeps, travel both domestically and abroad, and make a nice piece of change without doing anything too taxing physically [the travel notwithstanding] or illegal. As they say "everybody ain't able" and Lawd am I glad I am.

My most recent trip was just this past week to Newark, NJ [business trip] with a side trip into Manhattan to see "THE COLOR PURPLE" on Broadway. The Newark part of the trip was wonderful and enhanced the ongoing career development I have undertaken this year. The trip to Broadway was my first, and being taken and picked-up in a chauffer-driven limousine was definitely the way to go. As eager as I was to see the play [especially on Broadway], I must say that Oprah has once again proven that she and I have very different tastes. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the play/musical for what it is worth, and I thought that Fantasia did a wonderful job [surprisingly considering I was embarassed on her behalf after watching the lousy acting job she did in her Lifetime TV biographical movie]. However, the overall impact the play had on me was that it left me with the question: "Why?" I will be happy to be more specific if requested but I don't want to be a spoiler. Suffice it to say that Oprah and the powers that be chose to focus in on angles that in my opinion did nothing to enhance the story or capture its true spirit. Perhaps I love the book and movie too much to make room in my heart for any other interpretation.....perhaps, but methinks NOT!!!

After all of this wandering, I am finally home again. I can sit in my yard/park and smell the smells of my home and city. I can sleep in my bed, and play with my dog. I can see the flowers that I planted and jump in the car and drive over to my favorite local restaurant, bar, or shop. I can change my mind about what I want to wear, and not have to worry that I did not bring the desired article of clothing with me. I can open my eyes and on every single day allow them to focus on the most beautiful creation me and GOD [oh and his Daddy too ;)] ever made, my son's face. As much as I love life as seen from inside a suitcase, I must say, that Dorothy said it best:

There Really Is No Place Like Home!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Still On Probation and STILL Loving It! The PO too ;)

TRAVELS by Ms. Just Write Now (3/2007)

Our future you held in the palm of your hand
A ticket to discover strange new lands.
It became apparent not long from the start
That a love explorer did not dwell in your heart.

The thrill of the journey, You, did not excite
The peaks of love's mountains lost in the valleys of fights.
The oceans served only as gulfs, separating our hearts
Their waters always choppy kept us apart.

On the rivers and streams of love's wondrous world
We never flowed smoothly but seemed to be hurled
From one bank to the other until broken and bruised
We emerged from love's waters barely surviving our cruise.

The deserts, no fascination for you, could provide
Endless sand, drought, and thirst were all you derived.
Never seeing the potential of this fluid-deprived land
You couldn't imagine the castles we could build in the sand.

The light of love's sun placed its kiss on your face
But you ignored this gift that you could have embraced.
A gift so few get, you cursed before noon
But love continued to try, and sent you its moon.

It provided soft light to follow you around
So you could see all the beauty love had allowed to abound.
It rationed its light to display beauteous advantage
But a nod of appreciation you just never could manage.

But STILL love maintained; its goal still not reached
It had found an injured heart and it wanted to teach.
So love gathered its strength and all of its might
Because love NEVER gives up when it knows it is right.

So love continued to send its wonders your way
Showing you more beauty with each passing day.
It sent flowers each morning and starlight at night
Always anticipating your need to take flight.

Love showed its patience, its presence steadfast
Love wanted you to know it would not leave; it would last.
Love sent fragrance you could smell and textures to feel
So you could easily recall love's strong appeal.

Love came from above, below, and around
Love did ALL in its power, You, to surround.
Love decided to keep you in its warm embrace
And planned to take you to its special place.

Where you'd be enchanted by all of love's charms
Love longed to encircle you and keep you from harm.
There, nothing could touch you but love's protective hand
Which would be yours for the taking, no need to demand.

In return for all this, love requests one small favor
That your heart just receive it and enjoy all its flavor.
Race up love's mountains and know that the valleys below,
Hold their very own wonders, and don't hesitate to go

Across love's dry deserts where great things can be built
And sail love's great oceans, and enjoy to the hilt
Love's rivers and streams which may toss you around
But somehow love plants you back on firm ground.

Bask in love's sun and play naked in her moon
Understanding when one leaves it will return soon.
Remember love is kind, not boastful or proud
But don't make the mistake of thinking love won't get loud.

Because love knows when its right, and will stand, and WILL fight
Hanging on to what matters with all of her might.
Love is patient and forgiving and will not stand in your way
If you decide the best thing for you, is walking away.

Love and the wonders of her world are yours for the taking.
Love brings only honesty and has no time for faking.
Love can't be what it's not, but it comes with great power
That will be there for you always, every minute and hour.

Simply reach out to love and yours it will be
Let it into your life and set yourself free.
Regrets, there'll be some, and joy so much more
But you have to reach out and open love's door.

With its tenacity and diligence, love has found you at last.
Now let it soothe and heal the wounds of your past.
Love has finally found you, after a lifetime it seems.

So relax and just bask in the glow of love's beams.

What's going on you ask? Where are they now, you wonder? Well......

The wedding has been called off due to the "trips" the PO and I have taken this year. However, the relationship is still DEFINITELY on, and believing as I do that marriage is a journey and not a destination, I have to say....THIS is a very good thing!!! The probation, the discovery, and the saga continues and I'm loving the trip! Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shhhhh! Be Very, Very Quiet

With the lightest amount of pressure possible, she used the tips of her fingers to gently push open the door to her blog. At first, nothing seemed to happen....the door would not give. Then, as tiny dust particles dislodged themselves from the door and fell into her unprotected eyes, the door began to give. She hoped it wouldn't squeak thereby sounding the alarm that after an unplanned absence of more than six months, Ms. Just Write Now (LOL) was attempting to SNEAK unnoticed back into blogland.

I mean what was it she was expecting after all? Did she dare believe that those she had come to know by way of their regular visits to her blog would still be waiting on the other side of the door she had almost allowed to rust shut forever? Did she imagine herself to be so loved that there they would be still waiting for her next post? Was her ego so out of control that she really believed that those who had given her exactly what she wanted [a regular readership] for so many months, would be willing to give themselves to her again; especially considering the callous treatment she had visited upon them? Surely no one could expect so much; not even Ms. Just Write Now who had not seen fit to "just write" in months.

No, she didn't expect any of those things to be the case. She only HOPED that with some consistency and dedication on her part, some of the blog family who had come to know [and in some cases love her], as well as some new friends and family who might just now be making her acquaintance will drop by from time to time so that she might once again make them know how very much their visits mean to her.