Monday, June 18, 2007

Still On Probation and STILL Loving It! The PO too ;)

TRAVELS by Ms. Just Write Now (3/2007)

Our future you held in the palm of your hand
A ticket to discover strange new lands.
It became apparent not long from the start
That a love explorer did not dwell in your heart.

The thrill of the journey, You, did not excite
The peaks of love's mountains lost in the valleys of fights.
The oceans served only as gulfs, separating our hearts
Their waters always choppy kept us apart.

On the rivers and streams of love's wondrous world
We never flowed smoothly but seemed to be hurled
From one bank to the other until broken and bruised
We emerged from love's waters barely surviving our cruise.

The deserts, no fascination for you, could provide
Endless sand, drought, and thirst were all you derived.
Never seeing the potential of this fluid-deprived land
You couldn't imagine the castles we could build in the sand.

The light of love's sun placed its kiss on your face
But you ignored this gift that you could have embraced.
A gift so few get, you cursed before noon
But love continued to try, and sent you its moon.

It provided soft light to follow you around
So you could see all the beauty love had allowed to abound.
It rationed its light to display beauteous advantage
But a nod of appreciation you just never could manage.

But STILL love maintained; its goal still not reached
It had found an injured heart and it wanted to teach.
So love gathered its strength and all of its might
Because love NEVER gives up when it knows it is right.

So love continued to send its wonders your way
Showing you more beauty with each passing day.
It sent flowers each morning and starlight at night
Always anticipating your need to take flight.

Love showed its patience, its presence steadfast
Love wanted you to know it would not leave; it would last.
Love sent fragrance you could smell and textures to feel
So you could easily recall love's strong appeal.

Love came from above, below, and around
Love did ALL in its power, You, to surround.
Love decided to keep you in its warm embrace
And planned to take you to its special place.

Where you'd be enchanted by all of love's charms
Love longed to encircle you and keep you from harm.
There, nothing could touch you but love's protective hand
Which would be yours for the taking, no need to demand.

In return for all this, love requests one small favor
That your heart just receive it and enjoy all its flavor.
Race up love's mountains and know that the valleys below,
Hold their very own wonders, and don't hesitate to go

Across love's dry deserts where great things can be built
And sail love's great oceans, and enjoy to the hilt
Love's rivers and streams which may toss you around
But somehow love plants you back on firm ground.

Bask in love's sun and play naked in her moon
Understanding when one leaves it will return soon.
Remember love is kind, not boastful or proud
But don't make the mistake of thinking love won't get loud.

Because love knows when its right, and will stand, and WILL fight
Hanging on to what matters with all of her might.
Love is patient and forgiving and will not stand in your way
If you decide the best thing for you, is walking away.

Love and the wonders of her world are yours for the taking.
Love brings only honesty and has no time for faking.
Love can't be what it's not, but it comes with great power
That will be there for you always, every minute and hour.

Simply reach out to love and yours it will be
Let it into your life and set yourself free.
Regrets, there'll be some, and joy so much more
But you have to reach out and open love's door.

With its tenacity and diligence, love has found you at last.
Now let it soothe and heal the wounds of your past.
Love has finally found you, after a lifetime it seems.

So relax and just bask in the glow of love's beams.

What's going on you ask? Where are they now, you wonder? Well......

The wedding has been called off due to the "trips" the PO and I have taken this year. However, the relationship is still DEFINITELY on, and believing as I do that marriage is a journey and not a destination, I have to say....THIS is a very good thing!!! The probation, the discovery, and the saga continues and I'm loving the trip! Stay Tuned!


LadyLee said...

Good deal, girl... I was wondering what was going on with ya'll. You must detail some of these "trips"!

Anonymous said...

Look at you two sitting out by the hearth.

DJ Diva said...

that was beautiful...and I totally agree...Thank God for love!