Friday, January 11, 2008

It Could Happen....

My mother is known throughout my family as quite the little computer geek! Once several years ago, she took a correspondence course in order to learn the basics of "computing". The really interesting thing about this is that she enrolled in this class before she ever had a computer . It was the funniest thing to watch because since she did not have a computer, she drew out a keyboard on a piece of cardboard and would practice "typing" on this contraption.

It is years later, and though she is one of the most talented individuals I know when it comes to finding her way around a computer, she still takes half an hour to type the word "Hi" so instant messaging with her is not instant to say the least ;).

Anyway, none of that is the point of this post. In her computer "geekiness", my mother often spends time just surfing the www. Recently, she has developed an affinity for checking the state lost and found sites just in case she has some "unclaimed property". Now I did not even know that the state had a loss and found, but my brilliant, geeky mother figured it out.

During one of her recent searches of the site, she plugged in the names of each of her children and what do you know.....Ms. Just Write Now popped up with not one, but two claims for unclaimed property. Unbeknownst to me, I have had some type of property sitting in the state's lost and found for several years. Quickly my mother notified me of said property and I undertook the necessary steps to claim what was mine! Those steps included signing separate claim forms for each claim, attaching copies of my driver's license and social security card, and in the case of one of the claims which is valued minimally at over $50 I had to have my signature notarized. Once all of this had been done, I sent the documentation on its merry way and am now waiting excitedly to discover what these mysterious and unexpected "gifts" could be.

It may take many weeks before my claims are processed and the property that belongs to me is returned. So to pass the time, I have decided to add a section to this blog which will be updated regularly with my fantasies about what the mystery property might turn out to be. I see this as an opportunity to let my hopes get as high as they can because anything is more than what I currently have and until the actual property arrives, I may as well enjoy my dreams and afterall, don't they say "The sky's the limit"!!!!

Make my weekend, and drop a comment with your wish for what this mystery gift might bestow upon me.....

In a world of faith and high hopes,


Anonymous said...

I checked one of those sites once to see if I'd had any unclaimed funds and I did..........$2.45. Wasn't even worth the keystrokes.