Wednesday, January 09, 2008


January 1990:

The baby pictured here was barely 2 months old and had no need to partake of the democratic process as he had his own personal dictatorship in which he was THE LITTLE DICTATOR.

If he wanted something, there was no need for him to cast a vote as his loyal subject (a.k.a. Mommee! as he would soon come to call her) would jump through whatever little hoop he decided to twirl.

January 2008:

THE LITTLE DICTATOR is all grown up and at the ripe old age of 18 he is now officially a participant in the democratic process as he completed his very first voter registration process today and will subsequently be eligible to cast his very first ballot in next month's presidential preference primary to be held in Missouri on February 5th.

At least four times over the last 18 years THE LITTLE DICTATOR was taken by Mommee! to the local polling place where he was allowed to enter the voting booth with her and punch his Mommee's! ballot. This ensured that THE LITTLE DICTATOR would know exactly what to do when his own turn to exercise his GOD-given and hard-earned right to be a part of the decision-making process sanctioned by the United States Constitution finally came.

Additionally, on the day that THE LITTLE DICTATOR turned 18 back in November 2007, he exited his high school building to find a birthday cake left by his Mommee! on the hood of his car with the following caption:

Happy 18th Birthday Ryan!

Love Mommee!

Don't Forget to Vote!!!

(Don't gotta take every available opportunity to educate the leaders of the future!)

In the two months since THE LITTLE DICTATOR came of age, he and his Mommee! have had many conversations about the various candidates with his Mommee! encouraging him to use this wonderful invention known as the world wide web to learn as much as he can about ALL of the candidates. THE LITTLE DICTATOR has been encouraged to consider the candidates based on their position on the issues that are most relevant to him (i.e. Iraq war, financing of secondary education, etc.). THE LITTLE DICTATOR has been cautioned against voting based on party affiliation, what he thinks his Mommee! will vote, race vs. experience, or anything else other than what his own brain and gut tell him to vote.

So today THE LITTLE DICTATOR officially became part of the voting public of the United States of America. He knows this right is one that was bestowed upon him by GOD and accessed for him by thousands who sat down, marched, stood up, and in many cases died for him to be able to exercise it. With all of that education behind him, I truly believe my work...Mommee's! work here is done! ;)



DJ Diva said...

I also take my twins to vote with me. They love it...and it teaches them so much...Children learn by example...and I know you gave him one of the best examples to follow!

Yeah for the dictator! Now go head and vote for Obama!