Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around....

Does this conversation sound familiar to you?

Please don't come around Talkin bout how you've changed,
How you've said goodbye to what's-her-name,
All it sounds like to me is new game.

And I was right when I thought I'd be much better off without you,
Had to get myself around you,
Cuz my life was all about you.

So you say you wanna talk, I don't,
Say you wanna change, I won't,
Yeah it's like that, you had your chance
Won't take you back, now what,
What you think about that?

And when I say I'm through, I'm through,
Basically I'm through with you,
What you wanna say?
Had to have it your way, had to play games
Now you're begging me to stay.

There you go, looking pitiful,
Just because I let you go,
There you go, talkin bout you want me back
But sometimes it be's like that,
There you go, talkin bout you miss me so
That ya love me so why, let you go?
Yeah you know, cuz your lies got old,
Now look at you, there you go.

Don't you wish you could turn the hands of time?
Don't you wish that you still were mine?
Don't you wish I'd take you back?
Don't you wish that things were simple like that?
Oh, Didn't miss a good thing till it's gone,
But I knew it wouldn't be long,
Till you came running back,
Missing my love, there you go!

If not, and if you've ever been left wondering "What went wrong? What did I do wrong?" or anything else of this nature, I hope that one day you will get to deliver this or a very similar conversation. I DID!!!

Have any of you ever had a "THERE YOU GO" moment? If so, click on comments below and tell us all how it made you feel.

Tell it like it T-I-S Pink!!!!

There you go - Pink

Posted Nov 07, 2006