Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just A Quick Update On Ya Gurl...

Sorry for the long absence, but it seems that yours truly has somehow injured her neck and has found herself dealing with considerable pain and discomfort over the last week and a half or so. The really terrible part is that unfortunately all of you, my beautiful albeit PERVERTED-minded blog family members are wrong when you make the assumption that this neck injury was achieved in the commission of some lewd or lascivious behavior. (LOL) Even more than the pain in my neck, it pains me to say that no such luck has befallen your gurl...DAYUM, DAYUM, DAYUM!!!

I am currently being medicated with pain killers, muscle relaxers, and steroids to try to alleviate the stress and strain on my neck muscles, as well as undergoing physical therapy. I have been off from work for the last week and am currently scheduled for follow-up evaluation on this upcoming Wednesday. At this point, I am only able to do short stints in front of the computer and I am unable to drive at all which makes this not much fun at all.

Thus, I will stop in when I can and hope to be back in full effect in the not too distant future. In the meantime, it would be fantastic to chat with some of those I love so much on the phone, so give a sistah a holla and if you don't already have my number, hit me up on the personal email or just ask somebody as those who have the number prolly have a pretty good idea on who they would have my blessings to pass it on to ;) Also, as always it is my pleasure to get your comments right here at home ;)

So send up a special word to whoever it is you pray if indeed you pray, or simply send your blessings directly my way as I'm pretty much feeling like a big ass wuss right about now and could use any support you can offer. Whatever you do, please, please, please hang on in there with your gurl 'cause she won't ever be gone for long and you can bet your bottom dollar on that right thur!!!


Lovebabz said...

YOu know I was wondering when you were going to post at your own site!

I am sorry to hear you are in pain. Of course I will call you and I know just who to ask fo rthe number...smile.

Take it easy. Oh and you look great!

Sharon said...

@ Lovebabz: It is just this simple...I absolutely love U :)

Mizrepresent said...

Take it easy lady...so sorry to hear about your pain. And yes you were missed.

Lance said...

@sharon: i was just about to ask what "lascivious behavior position" you were in?...ORRRRR...who were you dreaming about that night?....ORRRRR....who were you fightin' in yo' sleep?

hmmm, maybe it was all of the above. damn! that's some good break-yo-neck kinda loving.

whaddya mean perverted? ;-P

CapCity said...

so sad this is what it took to slow yo' hot azz down. LOL! be well, Sis! I'll call ya latah;-).

Sharon said...

@ Miz: Thanks so much for the sentiment...you have been missed as well ;)

@ Lance: It was you and your kind that I was thinking of when I spoke of my PERVERTED albeit beloved blog fam ;) Thanks for the love masquerading as freakiness my friend ;b

@ Capcity: Me thinks you need to back up off a sistah with yo groundless accusations of "hot azzness"! And you best beleevs this hot azz is only slowed down for a hot moment! Now get off my back and get to settin' that New Yawk date already...my hot azz needs somewhere to be planning to go! LOL!

LadyLee said...

You know, I wasn't thinking that you'd hurt your neck commiting lewd acts. I immediately wondered who child's hoola-hoop did she snatch? I had this wierd picture of you working that hoola-hoop with your neck, and uh, things went a bit... wrong.


I'm so sorry you're hurting! Take your meds, do what the doctor says, and get some rest (cuz I KNOW you've been ripping and running all over the country).

And I'ma call. Been trying to catch up with your jet set behind for a minute... I'ma call YOU!!