Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hillary Gives The Phrase "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY..." A Whole New Meaning!

Somewhere she completely missed the concept of TEAM. I'm guessing no one ever told her there is no "I" in "TEAM", and that even if there were, there is a way to promote one's self even while playing as a member of the team. Perhaps she doesn't realize that being a member of the Democratic Party makes her an assumed member of the same team on which Mr. Obama plays even as he promotes himself as a standout star of said team. When winning is so important one is willing to elevate one's ultimate opponent (read: JOHN MCCAIN) above one's team mate (read: BARACK OBAMA) and intermediate opponent (and if her rhetoric holds any water, her possible future "running mate"), in my humble opinion, ONE IS LOST and winning or losing for that matter doesn't much matter because they become the same thing.

Still don't believe that for Mrs. Clinton the program is WIN AT ALL/ANY COST? Click this link:

http://news.aol.com/newsbloggers/2008/03/11/ill-go-to-democratic-convention-with-a-pitchfork-if-hillary-ste/ where you can find the article that goes along with this clip:

Through it all, Mr. Obama continues to forge his path ahead without sacrificing the class and grace that are without question among the many qualities that first endeared him to me as a candidate. The take-away here is that just because the pitcher pitches low balls to you, YOU don't necessarily have to stoop to HER level in order to hit them. YOU can hit the low ball pitched to you without lowering the standard YOU bring to the game. Don't believe me...WATCH AND LEARN:

OH, and by the way, I knew Mr. Obama had won TEXAS!


BE EVER VIGILANT FOLKS...We've seen this before, so let's not stand by and take it this time! MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!!!

(I'm sorry for a second political rant in a row, but I get soooooooooo upset by folk who don't play fair. A huge believer in the thought process that says we all learned "EVERYTHING WE NEEDED TO KNOW IN KINDERGARTEN", I find all of this to be a bit difficult to swallow. However, all of that notwithstanding, I promise no more politics for at least a week, maybe even two ;)


Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

Sharon, Sharon, Sharon... [SMH] This doesn't surprise you, does it? Ya'll (you and Raw Dawg) are gonna make me break my promise and start a blog on politics. This is the real Hillary. How do you think Bill got into office? He could have never done it without her. But their plan for world domination (Hillary as US pres and Bill as UN Secretary General) is falling apart.
Bill is certainly a charmer and one of the most intelligent men to hold the office in the 20th century, and she is no slouch, but the Clintons are about as tacky as you can get and still make it in the front door of the White House. They are the perfect political couple and deserve each other.

Peace and Love,

Alizé (LoversA.blogspot.com)

Rich said...

I'm so tired of Hillary. She doesn't care about anybody or anything but being the first woman President. But I love the way Barack just chills and intelligently throws that crap back in her face as it's blowing up.

What's been up lately. I've been by several times, but I never got a chance to leave a comment.

Lance said...

i think it's as plain as the nose on your face...well, unless you're michael jackson ;-P

hillary is in self-destruct mode. all barack has to do is keep on, keepin' on.

people are sick and tired of being sick and tired...

Mizrepresent said...

Girl, go'on and get your politics on...nobody's saying it better than you! KUDOS! GREAT POST!

LadyLee said...

I think Hilary is trying to pull one of those Jedi mind tricks... and it ain't working.