Thursday, January 03, 2008

Message in a Bottle

Have you ever felt a connection to someone in the world that you didn't even know? Not in the six degrees of separation way, but in a more specifically direct way than that.

Recently, I have had that experience and if I lived close to an ocean, I could imagine myself putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean as I hoped fate would facilitate its delivery to that individual. Since I don't live near an ocean, I will allow this wonderful invention called the internet and the amazing world of blog to assist me as I try to get my "message in a bottle" to its intended recipient.

As a consequence of having been involved with one person, I have been connected in some strange way to a person I don't know and will most likely never even meet. Though I am sure this happens all the time and in many instances can be a happy occurrence, in this particular situation that is not the case. She and I are connected by the same web of pain. As you all know by now, though I have moved past the pain of which I speak, she is experiencing the full force of it at this point in time. I don't know her. I will probably never know her. I want her to know that I feel her pain. I want her to know that she is not alone. I want her to know that I understand how disappointing this entire situation probably is for her as I too felt the warmth of this particular sun and the bone-crushing chill of discovering that this sun was not a true sun but something dark and cold and in many ways devoid of any true warmth.

I want her to know that though it may not feel like it today, this too shall pass.

The world in which we live can sometimes be a lonely place even if like me you are surrounded by the love of many. Even so, sometimes the only comfort we can find for ourselves comes from a place we never expected. If I can provide that comfort to her at this point no matter what she decides to do as she moves forward, I am happy to do it.

So to you, the one to whom I have been so unexpectedly connected by circumstance I say please remember who you are and of what you are made. Remember that you still are and have always been a child of GOD and he is still watching over you as he always has. Remember that the decisions you made for yourself were made in the absence of access to all of the information you were entitled to have. Remember that you acted in good faith and that is the best any of us can hope to do. Remember all of the things you have survived to get this far and know that you will survive this as well and be stronger for it. Whatever you choose to do from this point forward, remember that the choice is yours and yours alone and please make it for yourself. Finally, remember that at least one other person has felt some of what you may be feeling right now and she is still who she has always been

Ms. Just Right Now!


DJ Diva said...

very deep....You are a good person Sharon.

We don't always think about the other person in such nice ways when the web of deceit unravels, but to actually take the time to express sympathy? That shows the ultimate in maturity and the strength you have amassed in your healing period.

I tip my hat...or ya!

Rose said...

This is a heartfelt post. It could fit any of us so thanks for writing it. I think we all make connections with each other in many ways and yes this too could have happened. Otherwise I wish you nothing but good health, great friends and everything good in the new year of 08.