Monday, August 13, 2007

Let's Get Serious

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of chatting that infamous Oldgirl Ladylee up on the telly. She and I are both writers who aspire to be published authors, so as I'm sure you can imagine the conversations could go on forever.

I love, love, love talking to the OG because no one else on earth motivates me to get serious about my writing like she does. From talk of technique to crash courses on creativity this sista schools me in the gentlest, firmest way possible. I probably have mentioned before that I met the OG in a writer's seminar back in 2005, and man am I glad I did. That first meeting went something like this:

Sharon: (showing up late for a crowded seminar and standing in the center aisle with bewildered look on her face as she tries to find a seat)

Other participants: "SEATS TAKEN!"

LL: "You can sit here", as she moves over so I can sit in the seat next to her.

Sharon: "Thanks!"

Sharon: "Where is my pen?" (whispering as she searches for the pen she forgot to bring)

LL: "You can use this one." (handing over her own pen to this disheveled basket case)

Sharon: "Thanks!"

Sharon: "Wow! That was really good; but I still need more information about writing details."

LL: "Yeah, that was pretty good, that Anita seems to know her stuff. I know this great book I will send you..."

And that as they say was the start of a great friendship. The funny thing is, that in the two years that have flown by since we first met, nothing much has changed. She is still very focused and dedicated to writing something everyday. While I on the other hand still have very little focus and am still chronically late, bewildered, and trying to figure out technique. As a matter of fact, last night's conversation ended like this:

LL: "I know this great book I will send you..."