Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Welcome Spring!

Its Here!
Its Here!


Though the calendar might believe today to be the first official day of spring, God says:


I purchased these Hydrangeas with the thought of having lovely spring flowers on my outside tables for a spa party/barbecue this upcoming weekend...even with the snow, they do look lovely on the table ;)


A St. Louis Pictorial At The Home Of

Ms. Just Write Now!

This is a flowering Lily tree which probably is so confused it will never flower again.

At it's base, is a lavender bush that stands about 8 feet tall when not weighted down by pounds and pounds of snow. The scent it gives off when in bloom is wonderful, and attracts the beautiful Monarch butterflies which add even more color to the bush's beautiful purple blooms.

Buried beneath the snow where the fences join in the lower left corner of the picture, are 60 Tulips which were just starting to push through the hard earth but had not yet bloomed. Each time I glance out my kitchen window and see this joy of nature, I can't help but think about K.O. Johnson's beautiful post "On A Lighter Note...", about how tulips do whatever they can to"access the light". I sure hope my tulips understand this most important concept, and continue to stretch toward the light once the weight of the snow is removed from their sturdy little leaves. No Bar-B-Ques anytime soon, but the beauty of my backyard in the snow is something that I personally wouldn't mind seeing more of next winter. This is my first winter in the house, and this is the first and only significant snow we poor, neglected, lovers of winter were priveleged to see so far this winter!

Some here in St. Louis awakened this morning and felt they had been cheated out of the glory of a typical first day of a new spring. Some awakened and decided to roll over and go back to sleep. I awakened and smiled at God's First Day Of Spring joke, and took my dog out for a stroll through our spring/winter wonderland of a backyard! We played in the snow and had all manner of fun. The beauty of snow, the premiere sign of winter, coating the premiere sign of spring, fresh, kelly-green leaves [sprouting from the buds on the trees and bushes surrounding my house], was an amazing study in contrasts. During my walk, I saw a red-breasted Robin flitting from one tree to another. Though it is not the typical idea of spring that pops into one's mind when they think of spring, it was cleansing in the way that only spring is. I felt renewed, reborn, and optimistic about the fresh new season waiting under the snow to show itself and the brilliant colors, scents, and sensations that it brings. In my opinion, this atypical FIRST DAY OF SPRING brought with it, the best of both seasons! Let's face it, we'll all be complaining about the heat soon enough!

Spring flowers sitting on a Summer Bar-b-que covered by Winter's snow! All we're missing is Autumn...you've gotta love the beauty of this picture!


DP said...

Yup...THAT my dear is why I live deepinaheartof Texas. even with the 10 inches of rain in one weekend.

I am officially allergic to shoveling snow.

that said..it will be 30 degrees tonight. Just like they say...

If you dont like the weather, stick around, it will change.

DJ Diva said...

it's freezin here too..but no snow...I envy David!

those were some beautiful pictures...

chele said...

Your pictures are beautiful. That is exactly how I like to see snow ...in a photograph. It's still wintery in VA but thankfully we have none of the white stuff.

LadyLee said...

Those are some nice pictures, OG... but I'm here in the ATL, where the city shuts down over an inch of snow... Pretty pics, but that's what I want to see-- pretty pics!! I'm just glad YOU are loving all that fresh beautiful snow!!!

I love the flowers, too!!

Safa said...

How beautiful! You're right, even with the snow, the flowers look nice there!

K.O. Johnson said...

I'll bet the house on your tulips - snow or no snow! Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

Dee said...

I sure do not miss the snow!!!!!

I love flowers!!!!! Nice pics!!!