Saturday, October 25, 2008

Will YOU Be The One??

Sometimes, when it is really late at night and I am snuggled all warm in my bed and cocooned in the deepest sleep one could ever possibly hope to have, I suddenly bolt upright and find myself dripping in sweat as I try to shake off the following dream where the undefined one is ME:

Play Video by pushing right arrow.


VOTE....before it's too late!


Lovebabz said...

I've seen this viral video all over the place and I LOVE IT! Soemone just sent me one with my name on it...LOL!

CapCity said...

U r TOO FUNNY! Sorry I been incognegro, Gurl! This full time working thang is no joke! I forgot how time consuming it could be! I see u lookin' all skinny in your slide show I KNOW u ready for your cruise!

Good to see u at my spot, too!

Hugz, Sis!!

LadyLee said...

LOL!! No I won't be the one!I am taking my lawn chair and standing in line first thing 6:00 am on election day!

Nikki said...

I wish my state had early voting, but alas, we don't, but I'll be out there bright and early on Election Day, standing in line for as long as it takes. My vote matters!

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

I almost took it personal when someone sent me that. I got Frank with it tho. He felt the same why I did, like "Haha hell". LoL

Have you seen the one with the Granny and your name tatted on her back? Fun.ny.