Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Brave or Stupid...Doesn't Matter If I Reach My Goal!

One of the things I have always wanted to be is brave.

When I was a little girl, I was actually very similar to what I am like now except I was quite a bit more quiet and spent significantly less time at center stage. Though I've always been able to hold my own, I didn't feel brave then and I don't feel brave now.

For several years, I've had a goal in mind which entails getting myself into better/healthier physical shape. In the spring of 2006, I made great headway towards doing just that when I hired a personal trainer for several months. After losing 35 pounds, I underwent a medical procedure and was restricted temporarily (6 months) by my physicians from working out. Unfortunately, after the six month period had passed, yours truly Ms. Just Write Now still did not jump on the treadmill or any other available piece of exercise equipment resulting in the "state of disrepair" my body currently finds itself in.

After stumbling upon a YouTube video created by a young lady who uses the screen name Smile2dayTears2morro, I was inspired by the sheer bravado with which she has chosen to approach her fitness program to develop and commit myself to my own program and to make the video you'll find below as well as the ones I will be posting to YouTube in the future to document my progress.

Now some may say that I, like my new friend Smile2day... am brave to post the images and reveal so honestly the current state of my body; afterall, I am blessed to be able to hide most of the issues with clothing so my shameful secret could very easily have been kept ;) Others might say that I am just plain stupid to do something so revealing and which could potentially leave me vulnerable to untold abuse by internet haters and the such. I would say that I really don't know which group would be most right (as there is typically some right in any perspective), but one thing I do know is that I am a woman of my word who needs some assistance right now keeping my promises to myself. For that very simple reason, I am willing to risk being considered stupid by some and in the event that even one of the individuals who stumble across this thinks I am brave for doing it....well, that just means I'll be moving towards the fulfillment of two goals by taking this one critical step and what could possibly be wrong with that!

So without further ado, please allow Ms. Just Write Now to utilize the magic of YouTube to
BROADCAST HERSELF!!! ***smile***

So there you have it...it is what it is. I started this journey last Thursday July 3rd. My family's cruise vacation is scheduled to commence on Thursday, November 20th 2008 and that is my target date to be much happier with my naked or barely clothed body image. I will be posting weekly updates to YouTube no later than Thursdays each week, and will update here occasionally as I see fit.

Several of the women accompanying me on my family's cruise have made the decision to join me in my quest (some via YouTube - and some not), and I am happy for the company. If any of my blog family, female or male would like to join us as well, know that we welcome you. All suport will be gratefully accepted, and to any haters out there, feel free to do what you do best because I assure you that it will work as all things do to the good by making me just that much more determined to reach my goals so that I can show you just how big a waste your use of energy for negativity can be!


Lovebabz said...


I have been on the fence about my weight and my health. You and Capcity are inspiring!

Sister, you were already BRAVE! This is just more evidence to the fact!

I am cheering you on! I'm in your corner!

LadyLee said...

Let the Chuuuch say... AMEN!!!

Now that right there? THAT was a microphone moment. WOW. This is why you're my hero!

I agree with Lovebabz, you were already brave before this!

Do your thang, girl! You are an inspiration!

Fergie said...

Hey Sharon, Stupid NO, Brave YES!!

I'm with you cheering you on, all the while using you as motivation to get me together as well.


Anonymous said...

This is very inspirational, Sharon. I'm cheering for you!

Sharon because it had to be said! said...

@ Lovebabz: I inspired you....well, let's just say I am glad to return the favor finally! Remember sis, there are very few things as important to the world at large as YOUR HEALTH! So step up and take ownership of being healthy and forget about weight...all else will follow and fall in to line if you just do that!

@ Ladylee: You are so many things in my life, and the best of these is you are my friend. Thank you for always being there to offer encouragement, support, and literary advice. It will never be forgotten.

@ Fergie: YOU ARE TOGETHER! The best you can hope for is to be more together. Thanx for having my back, and check back for updates at least monthly ;)

@ Nikki: You have been cheering for me since I began this blog journey and whether or not I run into you here stating that explicitly, I always know it to be true. As ever, thank you for propping me up like you always do!

Dreamy said...

heyyyyyyyyyyyyy Sharon first off I am so jealous of you, *tears flowing down my face*, i have been growing out my hair since last year and i decided to put a texturizer in my hair to loosen up my curls and now they are lost. i am so sad!!!!

okay moving on along, wow you are beautiful, i wish i could take off my clothes and look like that,lol.

i hope that you achieve your goals, i was thinking about doing something like you did but i dont have the courage, plus the world is not ready for all this jelly,lol

Thanks for stopping by and visiting, i will definitely be adding you to the blog roll, Dreamy loves making new friends!!

Sharon because it had to be said! said...

@ Dreamy: First I come by your place and find that hot, hot, hot poem that literally gave me the most amazing dreams all night, THEN I come here to my home to find your amazing comment and compliment...I do believe my sistah that this is the start of an amazing friendship! So happy to meet you, and I'll see you again soon ;)

Mizrepresent said...

I am wishing you the best lady...i really am...you are a beautiful sister...but see, i am the opposite of all of you who are trying to lost those butts, hips, bust, hell i'm trying to get those! lol, but i have come to realize, that is just not in my makeup...i will be pancake thin, no hips wearing sister to the day i die...and so i use cleavage to gain! lol!

CapCity said...

Have I told U recently how much I LUV u, GIRL?? Sistah Sharon, us brave folk never realize we're doing brave deeds 'til someone else tells us:-). i didn't think it was brave to move to nyc - but everyone else tells me so. They can't all be wrong! LOL!

I'mma join u in this - I started by asking for prayers, as U know. MAYBE I'll post photos... along with a link to your posts for continued encouragement & motivation....

Hmmm, the thought came to me: u wanna start a phone chain - wake up call to encourage each other each morning to get up & start our early morning work outs? I know we've got time differences, but lemme know whatcha think?


Sharon because it had to be said! said...

@ Miz: Thanks so much for the vote of confidence lady and as for that cleavage thing....as you can see, even with all my "other assets" I definitely use that particular one to my, should we say "ADVANTAGE"! LOL!

@ Capcity: Where do I begin to address such a wonderful comment...one of my favorite lines of dialogue of all times comes from the movie HOPE FLOATS..."My cup runneth over." Yeah, that's it, "my cup runneth over". Yes, let's definitely embrace great health or W-health as you so accurately re-NAMED it! I am so in with your phone chain idea and I don't give a dayum about the time difference...it'll just give me that much more time to dedicate to MYSELF, and what pray tell could possibly be a better use of said time than that ;)

bella0110 said...

*delurking* I'm jumping on this bandwagon!!!! Such a great and inspiring video.

Watch me shrink, bay-bee!!!

Rose said...

Sharon this is so great. I'm poroud of you. I'm trying to lose about 40 pounds myself. I'm taking pictures and will probaly post. I'm in your corner....you inspires me.

Rose said...

Please excuse my misspelled words. I'm excited about your venture.