Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Something New Around Every New Year...

On New Year's Eve 2007, I was invited to help a very good friend with the logistics of the party he threw to ring in the new year. I created a VIP space using equipment my friend had provided and it turned out very nicely if I do say so myself...

After going home to change my clothes, I returned to the party where I was introduced to one of my friend's close friends, a guy I will call Teacher. The Teacher and I spent some time talking about all manner of things before going our separate ways to enjoy the party with those with whom we had come. At the end of the night, the Teacher and I exchanged contact information though I did not really expect that we would be in touch.

A few days later, the Teacher called me up and we had one of the most enjoyable conversations I have had in a very long time. The Teacher and I have continued to have great conversations during which I always seem to come away knowing something I didn't know before or minimally curious to learn about something I had not previously wondered about. For me, this is the very best part of meeting someone new...being exposed to new thoughts and ideas. I am always happy to make the acquaintaince of someone new and interesting, but in this particular case, I feel that meeting this particular person is contributing in the most amazing way to increasing my personal awareness regarding some very important subjects and potentially will make me a more interesting person! Now I don't know about you, but I've gotta love that!

This experience has been so visceral for me, that the following seemed to just spill from my fingertips as I recalled one of the conversations the Teacher and I had shared a few days earlier. Never had that happen before...

LEARNING by Sharon J.

Illumination arrived.
Unexpectedly and quite by surprise,
With no more intention than the sun has
Each day as it brings light to the dark places of the earth.

The light came.
Without the trouble of formal introductions,
Without fanfare or trumpets to herald its arrival
Nor the pulling back of curtains to announce its presence on stage.

The darkness departed.
And with it, the willingness to know less.
In its place, two things…knowledge and fear;
The fear a manifestation of all the new knowledge required.

The night evaporated.
Allowing the dawning sun to vanquish the fear
Creating space for the new knowledge to take root
Encouraging exploration and internalization of the new knowledge.

The spirit bloomed.


LadyLee said...

Wow... that's something else when convo with a fella gets so good that you gotta sit down and write a poem... Wow...

Safa said...

I'm with ladylee on that one! I remember that feeling though.

DJ said...

That was good Sharon...I really liked the line :The fear a manifestation of all the new knowledge required

It can be scary getting to know someone new...but that's also part of the fun-the discovery. I look forward to hearing more! and if not? well the poem was awesome so we thank the Teacher for that bit of inspiration!

Mega Rich said...

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