Thursday, January 31, 2008

Overwhelming Response to Use Me Up Post...

A quick visit to the comments section of the previous post "Ever Wish You Could Just Get USED UP?" illustrates the fact that this post sparked a very active conversation. A myriad of explanations could be given for what it was that drove so much interest, such as:

  • My fellow bloggers' concerns that I might do something crazy to secure sexual satisfaction

  • The fact that the post contained the words [I MISS SEX] in bright red letters

  • The words sex and fantasy jumped from the page causing some confusion as to exactly what kind of blog this actually is

  • Any number of plausible explanations exist.

However, having gleefully read all of the comments posted and even responded to some, I think the reason that this post generated so much interest is very simple -- on some level it struck a chord in every one of those who read it. Whether or not a particular individual agreed or disagreed with what Ms. Just Write Now was trying to communicate, each and every one felt compelled for the same reason to respond...on some level, we all relate, acknowledge, identify with, or comprehend that there are some definite concerns revolving around sex, intimacy, and relationships for folks like us.

So much of what was shared in the comments hit paydirt with me, but two commenters in particular managed to provide greater clarity and personal edification on the subject for me: Ali's Zay and CapCity. For those who remain intrigued by this conversation, I am humbly requesting that the articulate blogger Ali's Zay please pick up the thread of this tattered fabric and continue to weave a beautiful cloth of deeper understanding. After reading his eloquent comments, I for one am truly interested to read more. Secondly, I am embedding a trailer of a very interesting documentary that was provided by CapCity, one of the captivating bloggers whose acquaintance I have just recently made and on whose new blog CAPCHA U...In Luv With Life, yours truly was welcomed as a contributor. Not only does this documentary address some of the issues discussed in the "...Get USED UP" post, but it appears from the trailer to delve into many other issues that I believe many of us might be concerned about.

Both of these phenomenal bloggers have also recently published new literary works and though neither of them knows I'm even writing about them or their works in this post, I encourage anyone reading this post to check them out! You can click here to read more about the project that Ali's Zay has produced and here to find information on CapCity's endeavor. I have read excerpts from both works and immediately moved to order each book as the excerpts were exceptionally well written in my opinion, leaving me anxious to read the finished products. Do yourself a favor and check these projects out....I promise you won't regret that you did!

Now, click play to view the trailer and hopefully we can continue this at Ali's Zay's spot soon!


Ali's Zay said...


I'm happy to report that I had a GREAT night's sleep! Sounds like it was as good for you as it was for me ;-)
Thanks for the plug. Your support means the world to me.

Peace and Love,

Ali's Zay (

Ali's Zay said...

Are you based in St. Louis? If so than you may be a little bit more than 5 minutes away from me. I'm in South Flotida :-)

LadyLee said...

Yes, Oldgirl... those bright red letters had me seeing **crickets**.

And our phone convo last night cleared things up for me and STILL has me chuckling hard!!

Thanks for the links... I perused them this morning. Definitley adding some of those to my blogroll!!

@ali's zay... i'm not the biggest fan of erotica, because the ish is so badly written, but Sharon said "Lee, this brotha is hot". She had A LOT of good stuff to say about you, and well, any props from Sharon are well deserved props! You're one heck of a writer... I may have to order that book. Great excerpts!

CapCity said...

Wow, Sharon - who knew my ramblings would inspire ...but then I am simple a vehicle USED up by The Creator;-)... Thanx! To echo Brother Zay - your support is priceless & truly appreciated!!

Hugz Mama!