Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Owe Y'all Better Than This!

I KNOW I'VE BEEN LOUSY! I owe y'all better than this; afterall, y'all made one of my biggest dreams come true by stopping in and checking out a sistas words and I repay y'all by not holding up my end of the bargain and writing something y'all could read. There are reasons....but there are no excuses. I PROMISE I WILL DO BETTER. Please just hang in there with me until I get my schedule in hand and I will go back to daily posting as soon as I can manage it.

A quick update on the goings-on in my world and then I will get to writing some posts I can be proud of and you can enjoy:

  • School: Going great! Your gurl has an "A" average through mid-term and with 2 case studies completed and returned [A's on both] and a mid-term exam completed and returned [A there too], and only one more case study and a take home final, I think it is a safe bet that a sista can pull this one out. Oh how I love EDUCATION!
  • Personal Training: STILL GOING! Three times a week, still going strong. Only missed two sessions so far due to a business trip to Minneapolis last week where I worked out in my room on my own anyway. Dying to post a pic, but y'all know I'ma drama queen and so I'm waiting until I hit some of my REAL goals so that the change will be as dramatic as possible. However, just last week, I was cleaning the house....while vacuuming with my music blasting, I caught an unexpected glimpse of my right tricep in a mirror and I'll just say this, "Baby might not have back, but she damn sho gots some nice cuts in her arms!" Hey brothas....does that turn y'all on? ;)
  • Ryan: He got a new car....any questions? No, really, his driving is coming along and he should be able to actually take his driver's exam and get a license in the next couple of weeks. Our schedules are so unbelievably hectic that the poor boy and I can only get together to let him drive for an hour or two 3 or 4 times a week. I let him drive on the highway for the first time last week and it was okay....but y'all pray for a sista AND her babyboy! HINT TO THOSE WITH TEENS WHO ARE CONSIDERING PURCHASING NEW CARS: Insurance is cheaper if you purchase the care BEFORE your teen has a license then add him to it once he gets a license. In our case, it was a difference of $600 every six months....that's why Ryan has a car and no license.
  • The Basement: Carpet is in and everythings is so fresh and so clean clean! I still have to arrange furniture and put the knicks and knacks back. As soon as I do, I'll shoot new picks and post them for your approval.
  • Backyard: Coming right along and on schedule for the Annual Memorial Day Weekend Blowout. Any of y'all passing through The Lou on Memorial Day weekend Sunday, be sure and let me know so I can give ya directions to the ranch! There will be food and drink and fun for all so don't worry about who you're wit, bring the fam....the more the merrier.
  • Work: Right....it's work and in the words of that Original Oldgirl the infamous Ladylee, "They are still dropping a paycheck into my direct deposit account every other week", so by my standards, it's going fine!

So there ya go....y'all are all caught up now! And once again, I promise I'ma get back to posting like I've still got the good sense God gave me as my Grandma would say.


Safa said...

Tehee....I'm glad that you gave us an update. I was beginning to worry! Congrats on the work-outs and your classes!

Interesting, most parents get teens a used car as their first. Is it better (aside from car conditon and warranty) to buy new? I mean in terms of insurance and such?

Sharon said...

Hey Safa,

Thanks for hanging in there with me....

Ryan's car looks new, but it is used. It is a 2003 Saturn Vue. I'm a bit paranoid about my teenaged son being stranded so I wanted to make sure he had a reliable car. Saturns as a rule are pretty economical, and I wanted something with low mileage so that he can have it throughout college. We also wanted an SUV so we could use it to drive his junk to wherever he ends up going to college. Also, Saturns are easier on insurance rates than a lot of other makes of cars....

Thanks again for sticking with me :)

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

congrats on your work-outs...i can understand the stress of being (music please)...."PARENT OF A TEENAGE DRIVER"....good luck

chele said...

I wondered why he had a car and no license ... pretty smart! Thanks for the tip.

Serenity23 said...

I want to come to the bbq.... You gonna have some wine?

Sharon said...

Gurl come on...of course there will be wine....along with just about everything and anything else you can imagine ;)

LadyLee said...

All I gotta say is "Go Superwoman!"

I want to come to the BBQ!!!

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