Saturday, March 04, 2006

Simple Pleasures...What's yours?


I am an individual who is all about simple pleasures. From awakening early on spring mornings and sitting in my backyard listening to the calls of birds I will never be able to identify to watching my son's football team practice for their next game, to giving someone I love the absolutely perfect gift, I live for simple pleasures. I guess you could say that it doesn't take much to make me happy!

This morning and every Friday morning that I wake up in St. Louis, I get the opportunity to experience one of the simple pleasures that live at the top of my list of simple pleasures...I get my hair DONE! Now sistas, I know some of y'all are feeling me on this. What could be better than going to a shop where everyone knows you because you've been going there for years. Once you arrive, you socialize for a minute or [for some of y'all po' souls a couple hours], until you are called to your stylist's chair or the shampoo bowl, whichever is appropriate. All throughout the process, folks are telling each other their personal business as well as the business of folks who are not there. Without fail, someone comes in selling bootleg something or other and another someone inevitably shows up to take lunch orders for the soul food restaurant around the way.

By this time, your hair has been permed or shampooed or cut or styled and you are on your way out of the shop until next week with your crowning glory now looking like a Glorious Crown!


LadyLee said...

Ha! So the visit to the beauty shop is the same all over these United States of America, hunh?!

What a ritual!!

I don't hit the shops... my sister perms my hair at home... But she runs out of here every Saturday morning so she can get her hair done right before her going to work at the bank...

But you brought back fond memories of going to the beauty shop in New Orleans, where a "salesman" would come in with crawfish patties, crawfish, pralines, po-boys, and everything else they ate in New make!

And let's not even talk about the whole issue of personal business!!!


Serenity23 said...

I don't know if you'd consider this a simple pleasure, but my simple pleasure is sitting by a lake having a picnic. Preferably with my son and watching him feed ducks bread. I could live out by the water.

Safa said...

Simple pleasure...ummm...being home during the day alone and just curling up and reading ALL DAY LONG with nap and potty breaks in between!