Tuesday, December 06, 2005

No Scrooge Here!

Two weeks ago it bit...I arrived at my best friend's house in Nebraska to celebrate Thanksgiving with her and her family, and when I arrived the exterior of her house had been decorated in full Christmas glory. With every ounce of my being, I fought the urge to rush into the season, preferring to let it gently wash over me instead, but every house in her neighborhood was in full Christmas regalia, or on its way.

(Angie's house all decked out for Christmas before Thanksgiving!)
Even still, I resisted the urge. Then, on black Friday when everyone else was up early spending money, my best pal recruited me to assist with set-up for a wreath auction to be held locally in the near future. Just what I needed, MORE decorations to drag Christmas and all that goes with it to the forefront of my brain. Withstanding this challenge without too much trouble, my buddy then decided to pull out the stops and convinced me to help her with decorating the inside of her house...

It was almost more than I could take...but still I returned home intent on resisting the urge to bring Christmas into my home early.

Unfortunately for my little great-niece, the urge to decorate and make things (even people) festive became too much to resist, and she ended up being my target...check out the coat and hat!!

As they say, the first step to recovery is to acknowledge you have a problem! I AM A CHRISTMAS FANATIC!!!! I love everything about the season and can't wait for any signs of it to make their appearance. When others are complaining on Halloween about the Christmas decorations going up in the malls already, I am getting lipstick on my earlobes my grin of anticipation is so huge. I am without a doubt in my element and at my best for the month of December each and every year!

So, take a little photo journey into my particular brand of madness; and if you happen to be in town Sunday, December 25, 2005, stop in and join the party...afterall, I'm expecting at least 50 folks, what's a few more!!!

Christmas in my living room......

A miracle on my mantle...

Christmas cooking in the kitchen...

Presents to poinsettias, to trumpet playing Santa Clauses and Snow Men who sing "I'm a SNOW MAN! A Rock and Roll Man!" on top of my kitchen cabinetry, I am completely, totally, unabashedly enamored of everything Christmas!!! So for those of you for whom all the "hoopla" over this most festive of all seasons is to quote a classic, "ba humbug!", my condolences...because without a doubt, with the exception of the arrival of a new baby, I can think of absolutely nothing more exciting.

No, without a doubt, There's No Scrooge Here!